Haradinaj suggests to Serbs: “Do not leave the army of Kosovo”

Photo: www.balkaninsight.com

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinej suggested  young Serbs living in Kosovo not to leave the Kosovo Security Forces because in the end they will be the only losers.

In a report broadcast in the program on Serbian Radio Television of Kosovo it was announced that Haradinej held a lecture at the American University in Pristina “Transformation of Kosovo Forces into the Army of Kosovo”. On that occasion, he said that in the units of “KBS” there were 5.5 percent of Serbs so far, but that after the intense political pressure of the official Belgrade, their number fell to 2.5 percent. The Prime Minister of Kosovo also stated that he had talked with Serbs who expressed interest in employment in the army of Kosovo.

“I take the opportunity to invite them once again not to be subjected to pressure from Belgrade. Those who are pressing you now will eventually forget you”, Haradinej said.

He added that despite Belgrade’s pressure on young Serbs to step down from the Kosovo army, there are still those who are interested in finding employment in it. According to him, there are lists with their names and surnames and other personal data and will be carefully guarded, so that they do not have problems because they joined the “KBS”. The Prime Minister of Kosovo stressed that the establishment of the Kosovo Army would not pose any obstacle to the continuation of the dialogue with Belgrade, and added that the moment came for UNMIK to end its mission in Kosovo.

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