The State Department`s publication about Iran

Photo: Department of state

The so-called “Iranian Action Group”, which operates within the State Department, has published a publication titled “The Ottoman Regime-Chronicle of Iranian Destructive Activities”. It has 48 pages, can be downloaded at, documents which are divided into several sections: Iranian Support to Terrorism, Iranian Missile and Nuclear Program, Iranian Cyber ​​Security Threats, Human Rights Violations in Iran, and Iran’s illegal financial activities. In an introductory address by US Secretary of State Michael Pompey, the readers of this publication, among other things, emphasize that the current policy of US President Tramp toward Iran was based on the premise that “Iran is not a normal state”.

“Normal states do not attack other embassies and military installations in peacetime, do not support terrorist organizations, do not serve as shelters for terrorists, and do not call for the destruction of the state of Israel. Normal countries do not threaten other countries, they do not support politicians such as Bashar al-Assad, they do not carry out secret assassinations in other countries, do not keep foreigners from abroad, do not smash rough peaceful demonstrations, do not develop their nuclear programs, and not persecute their peaceful citizens “He wrote, among other things, Pompeo.

He added that it is important for the world to understand the extent of the unacceptable behavior of the Iranian regime. He added that the international community does not tolerate any state to act like that, and that no exception should be made in the case of Iran. He added that the withdrawal of America from the agreement of the six major powers with Iran was only the first step in drawing attention to the fact that that country poses a threat to the entire world. According to him, the next move was to seduce economic sanctions against that country, and seek diplomatic solution with other US allies for her. Pompeo pointed out that the ultimate goal of all these moves is not the isolation of Iranian citizens, but their well-being.

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