US soldiers helped the injured civilian

Three American soldiers of the “East” Fighting Group stationed at the Bondstil base, these days provided assistance to motorcyclist, victim of a traffic accident witnessed on a Kosovo road.

“Everything happened extremely fast: We were in the car, and at one point we just noticed a motorcycle in front of us trying to turn it off and then losing control, falling from the engine, and hitting the head in the fence. We immediately braced, ran out of our vehicle, and came to him. He was alive though he was injured, and the helmet he was carrying saved his life”, began the narrator, Sergeant of the first class Scott Bertanja.

He added that he and his colleague and colleague immediately reported the event they attended at the Bondstil-based Operations Center and that they were then allowed to help motorcyclist. When they were examined, they saw that his eyes were open, but he was not aware of what had happened to him and where he was. Then the jeans fractured and saw that one leg was broken, with two open wounds. They immobilized his leg, assisted by some of the civilians present who spoke English.

“Everyone wanted to help us, and they were grateful to us. It reminded me of our primary task, why we are here, to help all people in Kosovo, “said Dr. Alisha Evans, who was along with Sergeant Bertanja and the third soldier Erik Kalens. Soon after that, an ambulance came to the scene of the accident, and transported the injured to the hospital. Three US Army soldiers could then be prepared to return to the Bondstil base. Just before the civilians had left, they gave them baked goods, and thanked for the assistance they provided. Otherwise, three US soldiers are members of a medical unit stationed for nine months at Bondstil, and the primary task is to care about the health of military personnel in that base. However, based on what they have done, they are seen to be human, like all medical practitioners, and that they are ready to help everyone in need.

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