Completed repair of Serbian “MIGs”

Photo: Wikipedia, Krasimir Grozev

These days,  sixth-bought “MIG-29” from Russia, which was undergoing repairs, was returned to our country, so that the Serbian Air Force again has ten such aircraft available as it was in 1988. After the completion of the repair, “twenty decades”, the life-span was extended, and modern navigation-communication equipment was installed according to international standards. These planes also received air-to-air and air-to-air missiles, and their radar capabilities were also improved. The significance of these planes will be doubled, as it will not only allow Serbia to better protect its airspace, but will also provide more flight hours to Serbian pilots, which was previously one of the major problems. Serbia waited a little longer until Russia delivered those planes, but In the end this waiting is paid off.

Procurement of these planes is even more significant given the fact that in March this year, Croatia announced that it would buy from Israel 12 US used F-16-Barak aircraft. Then it was said that they will together with the repair, two simulators for pilots and training for them cost Croatia about 420 million euros. After that, there was controversy in the Croatian public and the media about whether it is a good move to spend such money on the purchase of used aircraft. However, the state summit concluded that Croatia has no money to buy new aircraft, and that the purchase of used “phantoms”, regardless of their age, meets all needs.

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