“Balkan Border” advertising for Russia

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How is the new film “Balkan Border”, which was premiered on Tuesday, 19th March? Why did this Russian-Serbian action movie inspired by real events (the action of Russian troops that took the Slatina Airport in Pristina in 1999), in which the main role playes our actor Milos Bikovic, make spectators cry? There is no doubt that this film will be much more than art and will represent another advertisement for Russia, as well as an additional impetus for the increasingly economic, military, media and political influence of that country on Serbia and the Republica Srpska, the countries that are the last Russian allies in the Western Balkans.

We recall that the takeover of the Slatina Airport took place on 11th June and 12th June in 1999, when the battalion of the “Desantnika” received an order from the command to move as quickly as possible to Pristina Airport “Slatina” and take it before the NATO. Russian troops carried out this task, and before that, as the columns of their armored personnel passed through Pristina, on 12th June 1999, they aroused the enthusiasm of the Kosovo Serbans who filled the streets of capital to greet and welcome Russian soldiers. In the morning, about 11 hours, British jeeps, tanks and soldiers began to approach the Pristina airport occupied by Russian soldiers. Helicopters whose pilots wanted to land at the airport appeared, but Russian parachutists did not give. Commander-in-Chief of the British troops, General Jackson then issued an order to his soldiers to go to the Russians and attack them, but later hesitated and commanded the suspension of the entire action. That did not appeal to US General Wesley Clark, who again ordered an attack to British soldiers to destroy the Russians. Then something happened that no one expected – General Jackson refused to listen to Clark’s order, on the grounds that he did not want to come to World War III!

And indeed, the danger of a Russian-British conflict and further deterioration of the situation has never been greater than at that time. However, the Russian state summit suddenly brought an unexpected decision to withdraw troops from the Slatina airport, as well as from Kosovo in order to avoid conflicts with the NATO pact, Americans and other Western countries. This provoked the disappointment of the Kosovo Serbians because they expected that Russian soldiers would permanently remain in the territory of the former Serbian province. It is therefore absurd that Russia now, 19 years later, with the film “Balkan Border” wants to propagate profits among the Serbs. It must not be forgotten that before the arrival of the Russian army to the Pristina airport, it was empty, so you can not see the heroism of the Russian paratroopers. Secondly, in 1999, the Russian-English conflict was prevented only thanks to the commanding English troops that refused to order the attack on the Russians, so that even the lack of armed confusion was not their merit. However, there is no doubt that thanks to a powerful Russian film, the film “Balkan Border” will be well received among Serbians.

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