“NATO” continues with major military exercises

photo: info.cz

For the armed forces of “NATO” there seems to be no break. The troops of that military alliance immediately continued with maneuvers after the end of the “Troubled Combat 2018”, the largest military exercises after the end of the Cold War. In the focus of attention of the Western military alliance, are now Eastern Europe and the eastern wing of the NATO Pact so there are held military exercises in Poland and Romania-“Anakonda 2018” and “Fury of scorpions”. Both aim to strengthen co-operation and joint coordinated action of soldiers from different countries, in reaction to different types of challenges. Both exercises are held close to the borders of Russia, which is surely increasing the pressure on the top military commanders and political leadership. At the “Anakonda 2018” exercise, 12,500 soldiers participate in Poland and about 5,000 in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and they train the crossing of the river, defense against nuclear, chemical, biological, and radiological activities, providing assistance to injured persons and firing from personal weapons .

On the other hand, around 1,800 soldiers from Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain are on the military fields in Romania, near Brasov, taking part in the exercise “The Scorpion 18” which will last until November 16th. It is interesting that members of the armed forces from these countries practice on the ground, shoot but also train defense from cyber attacks. What is more, this exercise is organised at the “challenging region” of Black Sea, as NATO has assessed. Very close are also the air base “Mihail Kolganiceanu” used by “NATO”, as well as the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy!

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