NATO also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence)


“Protection of one’s own country no longer involves looking at the maps and deciding where the army and its weapons will be deployed. We live in the era of digital revolution and artificial intelligence and we are working hard to maximize the benefits that are provided by them”, said Rouz Gotemeler, a Deputy Secretary General of the NATO talking to the audience of  „8. Gziangsan forum ” held these days in Beijing. Speaking about how artificial intelligence provides multiple options for use, she cited an example of a Civil Defense Response Service to respond to natural disasters from across Europe last month in Serbia, in the presence of the NATO pact leaders.

“At this exercise, we successfully tested devices for collecting and analyzing the information obtained based on artificial intelligence. Above the place where the alleged accident occurred, we had drons that sent information collected by other image processing devices and data collected. Thanks to that, we had a complete insight into the situation on the ground and identified the victims at a record speed”, said Gotemeler among others.

She stressed that the NATO’s commitment that all members of that military alliance cooperate fully on artificial intelligence and that international private sector organizations that are NATO partners are involved in this cooperation. In her words, it is necessary to take advantage of the numerous advantages provided by artificial intelligence. Interestingly, regardless of the occasional tensions that exist in political relations between China and America, the organizers of this international meeting were good hosts deputy secretary general of the NATO pact. During her visit to Beijing, she had official talks with high-ranking Chinese officials and in addition, she also held a lecture at the Chinese Military Academy.

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