The Serbian kokus did a good move in the USA

Fotografija: Srpski Telegraf

These days it could be seen how much the decision of Ivan Vujacic, the former Serbian ambassador in Washington in 2004, was good and had far-reaching consequences. In order to improve Serbia’s political relations with the US administration, Vujačić initiated the formation of a Serbian kokus 14 years ago, a 26-member group of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, who will lobby at the top of the US state for the interests of Serbia. From the beginning of its work, members of the Serbian kokus supported the issues of relevance to our country that are in line with US interests. This was particulary about the European integration, cooperation between the highest state institutions of Serbia and America and the achievement of the stability of the Western Balkans. Unfortunately, due to the insufficient interest of our policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen relations with America, the Serbian kokus in the United States ended its work. However, after Donald Tramp’s victory in last year’s elections, he resumed lobbying for Serbia’s interests and his co-chair, Congressman Ted Po pulled an unexpected and good move: he sent a letter to the first man of America to President Donald Trump, in which he proposed to visit Serbia. “As a co-chair of the Serbian kokus in the Congress, I write to encourage you to travel to the official presidential visit to the Republic of Serbia. None American President has visited that state since President Carter. This visit would undoubtedly further strengthen US support for the future of Serbia, as part of a democratic Europe in which peace prevails. Serbia is of great geopolitical significance, given the fact that it lies between further integration with the West and closer coordination with Russia. In order to achieve this strategic goal, US support is essential. Serbia deserves our support. Over the past years, Serbia has fought alongside the United States against international terrorism, and has played an important role in stopping the flow of ISIS foreign fighters. I believe that we should recognize the contribution Serbia has given through greater engagement of the United States, including the visit of the current US President Tramp”, Ted Po wrote in a letter. Even the most careful followers of political events in the Balkans do not remember such nice words from US ever came to Serbia. The Serbian kokus in the US Congress and its co-chair, appealed at the right time to Trump to start paying more attention to Serbia. Cooperation and good relations with America have never been needed more than now. We just need our diplomacy and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take this into consideration which are now focused on the “superpowers” such as Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau, etc.

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