“Euro-Atlantic integration in the eyes of the Serbian media”

Photo by ACS

The Atlantic Council of Serbia, in the framework of the project “Euro-Atlantic integration in the eyes of the Serbian media”, with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade, organized a round table on 27th May at 12.00 at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad.


  • Deputy of General Cesare Marinelli – Colonel Heiko Hoffmann disucced the relations between Serbia and NATO.
  • Mr. Miki Mihajlović, a reporter and deputy director of RTS whose topics were: Promotion of objective journalism and the development of pro-Russian rhetoric in the Serbian media.
  • Mr. Milan Mišić, a foreign political commentator and a long-term correspondent of Politika from the USA, who talked about the topics: Promotion of objective journalism and relations between the Serbian media and NATO and Russia.
  • Mr. Aleksandar Radić, military and political analyst and commentator whose theme was: Image that is created about Serbia`s cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic community.
  • The moderator of the round table was Mr. Vladan Živulović, President of the Atlantic Council of Serbia.

The participants of the round table spoke in front of students and discussed stated topics.

Photo by ACS

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