New Commander of the “Bondstil” base station

Fotografija: Tanjug, Dimitrije Gol

After nine months of service at the Bondstil base in Kosovo, Colonel Nik Ducic is no longer her first man, nor is he the Commander of the Multinational Fighting Group “East” and the American contingent within it. Instead, the base will be served in the next period by Colonel American Army Roy Macaraeg. The new Commander of Bondstil is a bureaucratic officer: He served as commander of an artillery battalion in Iraq and Afghanistan, held a $ 16 billion controlling role for the National Guard in all 54 US states, and was one of five state secretaries for military affairs in the US Department of Defense!

After handing over the duties performed at the Bondstil base, Macaraeg said that the KFOR`s mission and its command would be the same, as its priority will remain to ensure a secure environment for all citizens in Kosovo. He added that he did not receive from NATO headquarters any instructions in case of disturbance of peace during the Albanian national holiday Flag Day (November 28). However, he stressed that in the event of any deterioration in the security situation, KFOR’s multinational contingent has an excellent team and is ready to carry out any operation ordered by NATO’s competent command to preserve peace and protect all national community in Kosovo.

We recall that his predecessor, Colonel Ducic, tried during his term to get closer to the Serb and Albanian communities in Kosovo. He often invited the representatives of the Serbian and Albanian youth to the “Bondstil” base, organized educational stands and sporting events for them, responded positively to requests from journalists from Serbian and Albanian media for interviews, etc. Ducic said that the number of KFOR members in Kosovo has been significantly reduced compared to previous years due to the trust of the mission’s command that they have increased the professionalism and capability of Kosovo’s security institutions. He added that while he was commander, the cooperation with the Serbian army was always good and that joint patrolling in the Land Security Zone never came into question.

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