Serbian and US Army at a joint exercise

Photo: Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Serbian Army, as well as members of the 18th Brigade of the Military Police of the European Command of the United States Army, are taking part from 13th-24th May at the exercise “Obazrivi vuk”, which is held at the base of the Serbian Army “Jug” and at the “Borovac” training ground.

The theme of the exercise is “multinational reinforced military police group in the peacekeeping operation”, with the aim of improving cooperation and improving the understanding of members of the armies of partner countries at the tactical level during peacekeeping operation in a multinational environment. The ceremony that marked the beginning of the exercise was attended by Head of the Military Police Department of the Land Army Command, Colonel Miroljub Petronijevic, who spoke in front our and US soldiers. He said that this exercise is performed for the first time and that its scope and contents are one of the most complex ones, along with the exercise “Platinum Wolf”, where members of the Serbian Army exercise their participation in peacekeeping missions abroad with officers and soldiers of armies from other countries. In addition, the decision of the European Command of the US Armed Forces to send an American military unit to an exercise in our country is another proof that one of the strongest armies in the world respects the Serbian Army and its members. This was also seen at a joint exercise with Serbian and American parachutists held in the surrounding of Kovin in late 2017, as well as at this year’s exercise involving members of the elite US special unit “Navy Seal” and their colleagues from the “Kobre” Military Police Battalion and “Special anti-terrorist units”.

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