NATO and Pentagon celebrate 70th anniversary since the end of the “Berlin Air Bridge”

Photo: Philip Davis, Pinterest

The NATO and the US Department of Defense marked the 70th anniversary of the end of Berlin’s rail and land blockade launched by the former Soviet Union of Socialist Republics (SUSR) on 24th June in 1948. The reason for the blockade of the capital city of Germany, divided after the end of the Second World War into four occupation sectors (American, English, French, and Russian), was the desire of the SUSR to make allies from the Second World War permitted the Soviet Union to be the only supplier of Berlin and its inhabitants with food and fuel. It would, how Stalin calculated, enable the absolute domination and control of the SUSR over the whole city. However, the United States and the United Kingdom did not agree on this and they decided to start supplying the citizens of Berlin with food brought by airplanes. So then began the so-called “Berlin Air Bridge”. For almost a year, how long this operation lasted, US and UK aviation took more than 200,000 flights during which daily 13,000 tons of food was distributed to residents of Berlin. This operation was completely successful and outperformed expectations because the United States and Great Britain originally estimated that the inhabitants of Berlin needed 4,000 tons of food per day.

The success of the “Berlin Air Bridge” was a great humiliation for the SUSR because Stalin and the state leadership of that country thought that he would never work. When it became obvious that the “Berlin Air Bridge” was more than efficient, the SUSR ended the blockade of Berlin.

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