The camp “Bondsteel” has a new commander

Photo: KFOR Multinational Battle Group „East”

“Over the past nine months, we carried out over 2,000 patrols and we played an important role in providing a safe and secure environment. We have had excellent cooperation with our multinational partners and allies, as well as with the Kosovo Police Force and the Serbian Armed Forces.”, said Colonel Roy Macaraeg, former commander of the American camp Bondsteel, at a ceremony that was held for the new commander of the Multinational Brigade “East” and the US military camp “Bondsteel”, Colonel Robert Hughes. As announced by the Kosovo TV “RTK 2”, he will head the US troops in Kosovo over the next 9 months and the basic task will be the same as his predecessor – care for peace, security and the freedom of all people in that area. According to Hughes, American soldiers in Kosovo as well as KFOR will both be unique and committed to their mission with multinational partners in favor of institutions and nations in Kosovo. General Lorenzo D ‘Adario, KFOR Commander, spoke at the ceremony also. He pointed out that the task of this multinational military mission is to secure a safe environment in Kosovo, because it is a precondition for the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo and finding a mutually acceptable and sustainable solution.

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