Macedonia is rapidly entering NATO


Several NATO members have already ratified the Protocol on the Accession of Northern Macedonia to the NATO. Last week at the headquarters of the NATO was announced that this former Yugoslavian republic will speed up the process in an expedited procedure.

“The signing of the Accession Protocol with Northern Macedonia was a historic moment, both for the NATO and for Macedonia. Your leadership, Mr. Zaev, has contributed to that. By reaching an agreement with the leadership of Greece, you have shown what courage, diplomacy and commitment can achieve. That’s why you also have a place at the NATO table, ” Stoltenberg said addressing Zaev at a press conference where the meeting was held last week.

He told media representatives that Macedonian soldiers are participating in the international military mission in Afghanistan, and that Macedonia gives an example in advocacy for regional cooperation in Southeast Europe. He added that the country’s state leadership was implementing important reforms and encouraged its members to remain on that path.

“I look forward to the day when Northern Macedonia becomes a full member of the Western Military Alliance. What was once just hope for your country now has become a reality ” added Stoltenberg.

We recall that in August last year, the state leadership of Macedonia permanently handed over to the US armed forces a huge military field “Krivolak”, which was the largest in the former Yugoslavia and one of the largest in Europe. Representatives of the US Army who attended his takeover told reporters that “Krivolak” is an “unpolished diamond” that requires modernization and infrastructure in accordance with NATO standards. They also added that for the beginning, they will use “Krivolak” for training in the use of small-arms, anti-tank weapons and helicopter helicopters “Black Houk”. The value of this polygon is immeasurable, because it can also be used for military exercises of infantry, armoured and PVO units and ABH defense.

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