Commemorations in Normandy

In Normandy, one of the French regions, more than a thousand members of the United States Army stationed in Europe celebrated the 75th anniversary of “Day D” and the “Supreme Master” operation which had been given this names for allied landings in Normandy in the Second World War, 1944. These ceremonies are held under the slogan “The Honor of the Past for a Sure Future” and among the most invited are members of the elite 82nd Parachute Division, a unit of the US Army with a glorious and long tradition. In honor of the celebration of the upcoming jubilee that will reach its peak on Normandy’s beaches on June 6, they carried out the slow firing from artillery weapons at their base in Fort Breg, laid flowers on the graves of fallen paratroopers from the 82nd Division during the Second World War, met veterans , etc. We recall that “Day D” was the culmination of the allied invasion of Western Europe occupied by Germany in 1940. Three years later, on the way from Great Britain to Normandy, 7,000 war and transport ships that transported nearly 160,000 troops from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, France, as well as smaller detachments from Belgium, Greece, Norway, and The Netherlands, accompanied by nearly 12,000 American and British hunting planes and bombers. It was by many the largest deployment of armed forces, vehicles, artillery and techniques in world history, and after a brief resistance of the Nazi forces that lasted another two months, it all ended with the German withdrawal and the liberation of Paris on August 25, 1944.

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