Russia in a media war against Montenegro

Photo: Daniel Afrin, RIA Novosti

The situation in Montenegro after the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion has been a frequent topic in Russian pro-government and state media since the end of last year warned Radio Free Europe. RSE highlighted some of the headlines in the Russian media which are regarded as a support to this statement: “Police in Montenegro refused to provide police protection to believers”, “Montenegrin authorities did not understand the seriousness of protests against religious law”. “Milo Djukanovic is considered dishonest in the Balkans”, “How the remains of the unity of the southern Slavs are being destroyed”, “Djukanovic has only one way out, which is to resignation.” In this article it is possible to read that the situation in Montenegro is being followed by all major Russian media as well as internet portals. Radio Free Europe also indicated that the Russian media that monitor the situation in Montenegro as well as the Russian Orthodox Church support the Serbian Orthodox Church are using events in Montenegro as a new opportunity for a negative campaign against Milo Djukanovic and propaganda against the West.

“In the Russian media, the views of Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church Amfilohij Radovic and critics of Djukanovic’s politics are the most represented,” states Radio Free Europe.

Contributors to the Russian media reporting on the events in Montenegro are exclusively political scientists and analysts representing anti-Western, anti-liberal, anti-European and anti-NATO opinions such as members of the Russian Parliament Sergei Zhelezniak, Marko Milacic, Igor Damjanovic and the leader of the Democratic front, which enjoys support in Russia.

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