“Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Eyes of Serbian Media”

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The 2019 ACS program promotes Euro-Atlantic values, encourages Serbia’s constructive leadership in the region, and advocates the centrality of the Euro-Atlantic community in international affairs.  As part of the Euro-Atlantic Public Outreach efforts, ACS is conducting “Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Eyes of Serbian Media”. The project focuses on issues such as security, Serbia-PfP/NATO relations, Serbian foreign and security policy, NATO-Serbia relations and the growing threat of pro-Russian rhetoric in Serbian media. The goal is boosting positive media coverage of Serbia’s cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic community, including cooperation with NATO.  The project includes research of Serbian media reports and training for students and young activists.  ACS trainings are conducted by experienced and well-known media professionals, opinion makers and top influencers such as Politika’s former Foreign Editor Boško Jakšić, military analyst Aleksandar Radić, RTS Deputy Director and former Chief of Government’s Media Relations Office Milivoje Mihajlović, FoNet’s Chief Editor Zoran Sekulić. On June 112-3 pm, in Ninamedia premises in Novi Sad, Futoska 71,  ACS will organize a public multimedia presentation of project results including analytical findings of research “Euro-Atlantic Integration in Serbian Media” conducted by the leading polling agency Ninamedia. Above mentioned Jaksic, Mihajlovic and Sekulic will comment analytical findings of research. Press will cover the event. Ninamedia will present also analysis of the media content in the press and on the internet top portals which will include:

“How the Serbian media wrote about terms – USA, NATO, Russia and EU”

It will be presented through number and tonality of the title of newspaper articles on these terms in the previous period (several years back) and through frequency by number and tonality in the observed period

Key guests:

Ambassador of US Kyle Scott

Norwegian Ambassador Arne Bjornstad

Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, Chief of NATO Military Liaison Belgrade

The event will also attend NATO attachés from NATO member states.

Photo: www.ninamedia.rs

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