Replacement of the most important ambassadors in some Balkan countries

Photo: RFE/RL

In the capitals of some Balkan countries, ambassadors of America, Russia and some other important European countries have recently been changed or will be very soon. The shifts at the head of diplomatic missions are happening at a time when turbulent processes are taking place, which is why it is extremely important what kind of reports will come from ambassadors as well as from their colleagues and colleagues who pack their cases before coming to Serbia. Their assessment of the situation will depend on the future reactions of the foreign ministries of the states that sent them to the service in the Western Balkans.

At the end of the ambassador’s job in Serbia is Kyle Skat, the first that represents America. Interestingly, in the function he was performing, he remained throughout President Obama’s entire mandate and almost the entire mandate of his successor Tramp, although it was repeatedly announced that he would return to Washington sooner. Thanks to that, there is no doubt that he gained a lot of experience and that he was an ambassador of confidence in both US presidential administrations. It is already known that he should be replaced by Anthony Godfrey, who before working at the State Department, gained a 12-year experience as an officer in the US Army. Before joining the US Embassy in Moscow in 2015, he worked at the State Department as an Iraqi official and worked with the Coalition for the Fight against the Islamic State.

The new ambassador will also arrive at the head of the Russian Embassy in Belgrade. This is, as it has already been published in the media, 61-year-old Aleksandr Vasilьevič Čepurin, an ambassador with great diplomatic experience which makes him one of Putin’s “specialists” for the Western Balkans. It is interesting that his predecessor, Alexander Chepurin, left after seven and a half years being ambassador in Serbia. Why Putin is withdrawing him now, after such a long time can only be assumed.

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