Stoltenberg and NATO gave an ultimatum to Russia

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“Russia has still the possibility to fulfill its obligations under the” INF “agreement up to 2nd August. So far, we have not noticed any positive Russian action or their intention to begin to respect this document. If they continue to behave in such a way and not take advantage of the given chance, then we should be ready for the world without an “INF” agreement.”, said Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General. Responding to a question from the Associated Press journalist about why are dangerous SSC-8 rockets that Russia moves across Europe, the first NATO man explained that they are difficult to detect, are mobile, can carry nuclear warheads and are not leaving enough time for opponent to fight back properly. Stoltenberg pointed out that by moving such rockets, Russia directly disrespects its obligations in the “INF” agreement. He stressed that NATO will not respond to Russia in the same way (by moving its rockets) but will further increase the mobility of its troops, the number of military maneuvers, the number of flights of its planes, etc.

Stoltenberg affirmatively answered the question of a journalist from “Norwegian news agency” about whether NATO will begin to prepare for wars in the universe. He explained that the universe would be increasingly important for the Western Military Alliance in the future and specified that NATO would treat cosmos and land with equal importance. He specified that in future, NATO’s priorities for space will be satellites for monitoring the movement of troops, communications and GPS.

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