The Great Britain intensifies its assistance to independent Balkan media

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British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on 7th July that Britain will allocate over 18 million pounds over the next three years to fight misinformation and false news across Eastern Europe, and to help independent media in the Western Balkans region. These funds will be forwarded to the British fund “CSSF” (Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund) to strengthen freedom of expression in the Western Balkans and strengthen the role of independent media. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that it is not surprising that fake news and disinformation are undermining and destabilizing the countries in the Western Balkans in circumstances where only 10 percent of the world’s population has access to free media. He pointed out that the financial infusion of Great Britain aimed at strengthening the role of independent media will be support to the work of journalists in some of the most repressive countries and their fight against “false” information. Also another concrete result of the decision will be a big conference on 10th and 11th July, where delegations from over 100 countries and international organizations will take part. It will be attended by 60 ministers and more than 1,000 journalists, as well as academics and fighters for freedom and independence of reporting. On this occasion, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that he will continue to make maximum efforts with his colleagues in the future on free and objective reporting.

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