NATO maneuvers are provoking Russia

Photo: US military news and videos

Russia is increasingly nervous about the maneuvers that NATO is holding every year in East European countries. The reason for this saying is the nervous reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry related to the entry of a group of NATO ships into the Black Sea to participate in the “Sea Breeze 2019” maneuvers that will last until 12th July. As reported 30 ships, 30 planes and more than 900 people will participate. The Russian Foreign Ministry regard these maneuvers as an attempt to destabilize the situation in that region and has announce that Russia will follow closely the activities of all participants. It seems that Russia has been mostly irritated by the entry of the US destroyer “USS Carney” who also joined ships within the Permanent Naval Combat Group of NATO.

The top of Russian armed forces ordered the Black Sea Fleet to begin military exercises in the second part of the Black Sea, near the territory where NATO troops are. We recall that Russia has no right to object to the NATO since in the end of last year electronically disturbed the GPS signal during the largest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War “Trident juncture 2018” which was held in Norway. This was announced by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and according to the statement of the institution, the action was recorded between 16 October and 7 November. Although it did not cause any problems, there was an opportunity for it especially when it comes to passenger airplanes.

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