Concerning Russian activity in the North Atlantic

Photo by NATO

The US mission in “NATO” today announced its views on the current political and security situation on its “Twitter” blog. Let’s take some of them: First, there is warning of an increase in Russian military activities in the North Atlantic. What they consider in the American mission justifies this year’s decision of “NATO” at a summit in Brussels to establish a new command of the Western Military Alliance in Virginia, in the city of Norfolk. The US mission also announced that, regardless of the outcome of the Macedonian referendum, NATO’s doors remain open to that country. ” We will follow the following moves by Macedonian politicians to make that country a full member of NATO,” the US Mission said. Expressing the view and when it comes to how each nation among the 29 NATO members contributes to the joint budget of that organization. It was estimated that the situation improved significantly. ” There is a long way to go, but the ultimate goal is reachable,” the statement added. It also reads the comments of Secretary General Stoltenberg on account of Georgia. Among other things, he stressed that the country’s contribution is among the largest when it comes to supporting NATO’s activities in Afghanistan and that it is an irreplaceable alliance of Georgia and NATO in the Black Sea region.

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