Are there any more moderate politicians in Kosovo than Haradinaj?


The issue was raised after a meeting between Issa Mustafa, who was elected for the third time as president of the opposition Democratic League for Kosovo and US Ambassador to Pristina, Philip Kosnet. They discussed the current political situation in Kosovo and agreed that the reestablishment of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue is necessary, as well as the continued fight against corruption, the fight for respect for rights, strengthening support for the private sector and accelerating the process of European integration. We recall that the winner of the 2017 Kosovo elections was the so-called The PAN coalition led by Hashim Thaci (DPK Party Chairman) Ramush Haradinaj, (ABK Party Chairman) Fatmir Ljimaj (IK Party President) and nine other smaller parties. That coalition won 34.6 percent of the vote, while the coalition made up of the Democratic Alliance for Kosovo, the New Kosovo Alliance and the Alternative came in second with 25.9 percent. Third place went to the Self-Determination Movement and its leader, Albin Kurti, who by many analysts is the most popular politician in Kosovo, more popular than both Haradinaj and Thaci. Although his coalition went to the elections independently and won 26.7 per cent of the vote, which was more than a good result, Kurti’s popularity, which is growing stronger month by month is explained as frequent attacks on Kosovo’s political leadership. Kurti believes that current leadership has greatly enriched after the war with Serbia and profited from corruption. Kurti states that leading elite in Kosovo has failed to do enough about promising to fight for visa liberalization. When looking at his attitude to Serbia, Kurtti has repeatedly stated that he would be even more radical in this regard than Ramush Haradinaj.

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