NATO: Stability beyond the borders of the alliance

NATO will continue to advocate peace and security beyond the borders of its member states in the coming period. Areas of the priority importance for the Western Military Alliance are North Africa and the Sahara, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and its neighbors. These territories will be the focus of NATO’s attention because of the potential radicalization and destabilization of the further situation, terrorism, environmental issues and illegal migration was said in video posted by NATO these days. The three officers and NATO experts who speak in it recall that in 2017, the so-called “NATO’s Hub for the South” was formed at the NATO Joint Force in Naples, whose crucial goals are to promote security and stability beyond NATO borders, as well as to respond to potential threats near NATO-covered territory. The tasks of the NATO Hub are also to co-operate and exchange information with organizations dealing with various aspects of the security situation in the North Africa and Sahara, Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East regions.

We remind that in the area of focus of NATO’s hub for the south are several hot spots, such as the civil war in Yemen, Iraq, the unstable political situation in some African countries. In addition, security experts warn that in some African countries, the Islamic State and some other terrorist organizations are strenghtening.

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