Conflict on Twitter between Russia and America


Although Russia and America are not in war with rockets and weapons, the conflict between the two countries is largely ongoing and has only been conducted on the Internet for the time being. This was clearly seen last Friday at noon when US Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott and Alexander Bocan-Kharchenko, his Russian colleague in Belgrade, made arguments on Twitter. The reason for their verbal conflict was the 80th anniversary of the signing of an agreement between one of the Nazi leaders Ribentrop and a close associate of Stalin – Molotov, just before the start of the World War II. US Ambassador Kyle Scott posted a tweet reminding him of the agreement that Poland was subsequently divided into German and Russian parts. Scott added that the act was also the basis for the subsequent division of Europe into the Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence.

This made the Russian ambassador angry and reminded his American colleague that, before the Ribentrop and Molotov agreement, an agreement was signed in Munich in 1939 between Western countries and the Nazis by which the Sudetenland (which was part of Czechoslovakia) was forcibly annexed to Germany. Kharchenko blamed the West for trying to portray the Soviet Union as a provocateur of World War II, because of the Ribentrop-Molotov agreement. He wrote on Twitter that these attempts cast a shadow on the millions of fallen Soviets who gave their lives in World War II to crush Nazism and liberate Russia and Europe.

Good political experts say that all that is currently happening in the Moscow-Washington-Belgrade triangle is a warm up before the storm that will begin when future US ambassador Anthony Godfrey arrives in Belgrade as well as his colleague who will be second man in the US embassy in Serbia. So far, he is not known by name, but he is known to have been excellent in representing the US interests at the US Embassy in Baghdad (where he served) and that he does not tolerate Russia at all. Considering that the future United Kingdom ambassador to Belgrade, Shiane McLeod (who, like Godfrey, has not come yet to Serbia) is also considered as a person who has little sympathy for Russia, there is no doubt that a hot political autumn will be in Serbia.

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