Kurti’s decision divided ambassadors in Pristina

Photo: Gazeta Express

The decision of Albin Kurti, the winner of the Kosovo election and most likely future Prime Minister of Kosovo, to receive ambassadors in Pristina who wanted to speak with him in a room with only the Albanian flag, has divided foreign diplomats. Unlike the ambassador of UK, Nicholas Abbott, who was not disturbed at all by the Albanian flag (which was criticized on Twitter by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic), there were also those who reacted differently.

According to the Gazette Express, German ambassador to Pristina, Kristian Helt and his fellow US representative, Philip Kosnett agreed to take a photo with Kurti during the interview, but just after removing the Albanian flag from the interview room. We recall that in his Twitter post, Aleksandar Vucic wrote the following: – Question for the Ambassador of UK to Pristina: In whose elections did Albin Kurti won, in which country? Let his Excellency tell which country the flag that was next to him belongs? I will ask these questions until I am answered – Vucic wrote

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