Why did the NATO leader praise Greece?

Photo: www.nato.int

The first man of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg praised Greece for its contribution to NATO during recent official talks in Athens which he had with the new prime minister, Kirijakos Micotakis and its president, Procopius Pavlopoulos. Stoltenberg said on this occasion that Greece was an important NATO actor and was contributing to the strength of the alliance.

“I want to thank your country for its contribution to international peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo and also for increasing your share of NATO’s joint budget by more than 2 percent. Equally important is the fact that Greek Air Force aircraft patrols and guards the airspace of NATO’s youngest member, Montenegro”, said Stoltenberg.

One of the topics with Greek leaders was NATO’s response to Russia’s breaking rule of the INF, which for many years banned the production of strategic nuclear rockets and their deployment on European territory. Stoltenberg said that NATO must ensure the security of its members and be ready to respond to possible Russian attacks. Stoltenberg’s conversation with Greek leaders made it clear that one of NATO’s priorities is the refugee crisis, which is why the Western Military Alliance is closely monitoring the situation in the Aegean Sea. Stoltenberg added that it is also important for preventing human trafficking and explained that NATO was providing the real-time information about this to the coastguards of the Mediterranean countries. According to Stoltenberg, NATO is contributing to the mitigation and eradication of the refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa and is working closely with partners in the region.

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