Important conclusions at NATO’s meeting in Brussels

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NATO will continue to train security forces in Iraq and activities aimed at preventing re-regrouping of ISIL combat groups in that country. In addition, NATO’s future priority will continue to be support for US-led activities to achieve peace in Afghanistan, and it is particularly important that it is completed with the implementation of the Fourfold 30 plan – the creation of NATO rapid intervention troops which are capable of responding promptly to any potential threats within their territory. These are the most important conclusions of a meeting of NATO defense ministers held in Brussels these days. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recalled that the military organization began conducting activities in Iraq only when contacted by the government of that country and asked for support. He explained that NATO’s main objective in Iraq is to strengthen that country’s security forces so that it no longer needs any military assistance.

The NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting also talked about the threat posed by Russia since it ceased to comply with the obligations from agreement signed in the 1970s with America. During the discussion on this topic, NATO members agreed that the pocket systems available to Russia are a double threat to NATO, since they can carry pockets with both nuclear and conventional charges. The NATO ministers also discussed at this meeting how far they progressed in each member’s commitment to increase defense spending in its budget. It was concluded that great progress had been made in this area and that it was visible with all NATO members. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that thanks to this, another $ 400 trillion will be invested in NATO’s budget by 2024.

While discussing the current situation in Afghanistan, NATO security ministers agreed that the military organization to which they belong should continue to train and provide financial support in this country. As stressed, this will continue until the level of violence in the country is reduced and until the Taliban show a real will to peace. On the sidelines of a meeting in Brussels, NATO security ministers held a meeting with their counterpart from Ukraine, Andriy Zahorodniuk. On this occasion, it was concluded that NATO members fully support Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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