Croatian Ministry of Defense: Russians repaired our helicopters very well


Creators of fake news makers no boundaries in publishing untruths on the Internet. This has been seen again these days by the example of misinformation that allegedly 10 Russian-made “MI-171 SH” transport helicopters which were badly overhauled in Russia had to be grounded in Croatia. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia announced that the process of repairing these helicopters was carried out professionally and that there were no technical problems. The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the Russian company “Russian Helicopters”, which carried out this, is able to perform all tasks professionally, because it has all the necessary certificates for the MI-171 SH helicopter.

Misinformation about the allegedly poor repair of Croatian helicopters was first published by the internet portal “T”. The author of the information even stated that the mechanics of a Russian company that repaired them had incorrectly connected the oil hoses used to cool the engine. According to the author of this “fake news”, the commander of the Croatian Air Force, Mihael Krizanec, issued an order that all Russian helicopters that were repaired in that country have to be grounded. However, the Croatian Ministry of Defense has accused the author of this misinformation of constructing a story about an allegedly poorly done overhaul, which is absolutely not true. As a reminder, Russia has donated 10 MI-171 SH helicopters “ as compensation for its debt to Croatia. Subsequently, Croatia used these helicopters for search and rescue operations, emergency medical flights and transport of transplantation organs, firefighting and support for KFOR actions in Kosovo.

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