Montenegro was exposed to flood of fake news


The information of NATO experts arrival for Hybrid Warfare in Podgorica few days ago, was the reason for the numerous malicious explanations of those who see NATO as enemy. Interpretations were heard that these specialists would allegedly be one of the secret NATO Pact intelligence groups already operating against Republika Srpska and Serbia, that they would conduct cyber attacks against non-NATO countries, etc. However, these and other conspiracy theories heard these days have no basis. The arrival of NATO experts is solely to train Montenegrin Army specialists as one of NATO’s members to fight cyber-attacks, not to conduct any offensive cyber-actions against other countries, especially not those who are not NATO members. The show “Zoom”, which was broadcast these days in the program of Radio Television of Montenegro, was dedicated to misinformation in public. Director of the Media Directorate at the Ministry of Culture, Zeljko Rutovic, said in a statement that Montenegro was exposed to a flood of fake news after the adoption of the Law on Religious Freedom, especially in the Christmas period, in order to cause panic, disorder and destabilization of the country. He added that Montenegro is making every effort to provide freedom to the media, but that it is not absolute.

“If you post fake news, information that is intended to cause panic and instability, you are endangering my and everyone’s freedom,” he added.

Milan Jovanovic from Digital-Forensic Center of the Montenegrin Atlantic Council, who was also hosted by “Zoom”, said that many, in order to place false information, misuse social networks. He stressed that freedom of reporting should not be restricted, but that the Montenegrin prosecution had to react in specific situations such as those on Christmas Day. Jovanovic drew attention to the fact that, in recent times, fake news is not only reported by the media, but also by top state officials in some countries. As an example, he cited statements by the Serbian president “that the Montenegrin embassy in Belgrade was guarded by 1,000 police officers” and “that the Montenegrin government made complaint to the NATO on Serbia”.

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