NATO: How to be faster than terrorists

High-ranking military and police officers from seventeen NATO member states have gathered in Ireland in recent days, together with representatives of the European Union and the United Nations to discuss the anticipation of terrorist attacks and reaction when it comes to them, according to an official “Twitter” account. They will attend a multinational seminar to combat terrorist threats initiated by the Western Military Alliance, which will be hosted by officers of the Irish Armed Forces.

Irish Army Lieutenant Ray Lane, a specialist in various types of armaments, said that in the event of terrorist actions in army, the police, firefighters, and ambulance have to react in a unique way, without mutual disagreements. He added that the danger of terrorism will not nearly cease, so it is important that security institutions and services go a step further and be faster than terrorists.

Kris Shihan, a commander in the Australian Federal Police, said that one of the toughest challenges facing terrorism is the unpredictability of the target of the attack, the speed of radicalization of certain individuals, and their way from ending radicalization to attack. In their attempts to create new tactics for the prevention of terrorist attacks, course participants analyzed information on previous actions and scenarios in case of potential attacks. We recall that terrorism is one of the biggest security threats and challenges for the NATO pact

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