US Ambassador to Kosovo: No borders change

Photo: US embassy Pristina

The attitude of the US Government is that the governments of Serbia and Kosovo should continue the suspended negotiations without any preconditions, however the partition of Kosovo should not be taken into account, said Philip Kosnett the US ambassador to Kosovo in an interview given by Jeti Jarry, a journalist at one of the Kosovo television. Asked why America has two special representatives for Kosovo (Richard Grenell and Matthew Palmer), Kosnett said it is because the two represent the White House and the State Department, a sign of the current US administration’s commitment to peace, justice and prosperity for all citizens Kosovo and its neighbors. He stressed that Grenell and Palmer are working closely with the teams formed at US embassies in Pristina and Belgrade.

Kosnet also said that the key US goals in Kosovo are in line with those of citizens in that country. According to him,  people from Kosovo want change, a better economic future for their country and are not satisfied with the progress made in that direction. According to Kosnett, the 6th October elections in Kosovo were a very important moment for Kosovo because its citizens showed that they want to build a better future. They are also concerned about corruption, which is America`s goal for Kosovo as well.

“I met with Mr Kurti several times and I think he fully intends to be a leader who is thinking about the needs of everyone in Kosovo. I think it is time to start showing that. He needs to go out. Mr Kurti, if you are looking at this, you have to start traveling around the country and meet people from all communities, ordinary citizens, not just political party leaders.” Kosnett added.

He also said that one of the most exciting moments for him in 2019 was the opening of a new US embassy in Pristina. As he explained, thanks to this, Kosovo citizens no longer have to travel to Skopje to obtain visas for travel to America. According to Kosnett, the building of the new US embassy is an important symbol of US commitment to Kosovo. Asked by the presenter to comment on the fact that President Vucic denies the massacre in Racak, Ambassador Kosnett said he did not agree with it, because the event was a historical fact in his opinion.

“I have no doubt about that. There were many independent observers, journalists on the scene and there was William Walker. They showed that a horrible massacre took place in Racak and that is true. So, it is simply wrong for anyone to deny it. Denial is historical revisionism, it does not help.”Kosnett noted.

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