“Youth Outreach”

Atlantic Council of Serbia and Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Serbia under the auspices of the US Embassy in Belgrade and NATO PDD, organized workshop by tittle “Youth Outreach”. This event was held from October 29th till October 31st 2018. in premises of the Atlantic Council of Serbia in Belgrade. Participants of the workshop were young members of the Atlantic Councils from Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and from Kosovo. Also, there were representatives from US Embassy in Belgrade, NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade and Presidents of the Atlantic Councils of Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Topics that were discussed are “Official name and Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia” , “Positive and negative sides of NATO membership in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania” , “Dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo”.

All participants agreed that it is very important to strengthen the ties between young people in the region because they are the future and only they can overcome the obstacles that was made by older generations. It was great to discussed these topics with mutual respect of all sides.

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