The NSA will create a Cyber Security Committee


“The US National Security Agency (NSA) will form a “Cyber security Committee” by the end of the year and will be headed by 43-year-old Ann Neuberger, an official of the agency and the former chief risk officer in it”, announced the Wall Street Journal. The NSA will thus become the second US intelligence agency after the CIA. In her work, Anne Neuberger has been given a task, among other things, to stop further leakage of information from the NSA, after an abundance of details about this most mysterious US agency was published by Edward Snowden. It was also her duty to oversee the “NSA” activities which resulted in discovery that Russia was involved in the 2018 US election campaign. Ten years ago she was part of the team that formed the “Cyber ​​Command of the United States of America” ​​and is currently one of the Board of Directors of the “NSA”. The formation of a Cyber security committee is in line with the commitment of the US President Trump`s administration to be more aggressive in its appearance toward countries such as Russia, China and Iran, and the priority of the Cyber security committee will be to protect the United States from threats from abroad. The Cyber security Committee will exchange and share information with other US intelligence agencies as well as with the private security sector.

The decision to create a Cyber security committee followed the NSA’s decision to integrate parts of its agency responsible for offensive and defense operations for greater efficiency in its work. That policy change came after the current first man of the agency, General Paul Nakasone, was elected as NSA director and Cyber Command leader. By the way, the NSA is the largest US intelligence agency. She is responsible for protecting and safeguarding US Government communications from attacks by similar agencies around the world, as well as gathering and analyzing information from abroad that is relevant to US interests.

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