Macedonia most likely through an accelerated procedure in NATO?

Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov and 29 permanent NATO ambassadors signed a protocol on Macedonia’s accession to NATO at its headquarters in Brussels. For this occasion, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, spoke for the journalists at NATO headquarters. They stressed that the process of Macedonia’s accession is historic and that it will make positive changes for the country as well as for the overall situation in the Balkans. How much the Western Military Alliance wants to see Macedonia as soon as possible like its member is seen from the fact that the Protocol on the accession of that country was not signed by foreign ministers, as it has been practice so far, but by permanent ambassadors of 29 NATO members.

It is also important to say that until now the rule was that the accession process of a candidate country for NATO membership lasts 18 months. However, Macedonia will, according to everything, be accelerated in the process of being admitted to this organization, most likely already in June of this year!

Otherwise, after the signing the NATO Accession Protocol, Macedonia will first participate in the organization’s meetings without the right to vote, and only after the assemblies of all members of the Western Military Alliance ratify this document will become a full member. We recall that Russia did not respond favorably to the desire of Macedonia to become the 30th member of NATO. In addition, the membership of the southern Balkan state in the Western Military-Political Union will lead Serbia into an unfortunate situation because it is announced that NATO will not stop its spread in the Balkans. Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the next country to try to entice into its organization. In addition, Kosovo is also interested in NATO membership, so it is certain that if this scenario is achieved, Serbia will become an isolated island, and will be surrounded on all sides by NATO members.

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