Serbian List – Ready to crash the government of Haradinaj

Photo: Gazeta Express

“The Serbian List will bring together with the state summit in Belgrade, a decision on whether to abandon all institutions in Kosovo,” said Igor Simić for radio Television Serbia.
According to him, the Kosovo authorities in Pristina have so far made many decisions that have directly affected the lives of Serbs in Kosovo, starting with their arrest, attacks on their property, until the introduction of a taxes on Serbia’s goods. Simic criticized the Platform for the continuation of the dialogue, which was adopted at the end of last week in the Kosovo Assembly. He said that after that, a further dialogue between the state leadership of Serbia and Kosovo became a meaningless one.

“We want to withdraw from all Kosovo institutions because their actions have made our lives more difficult”, added Simic.

He reminded that the Serbian List is currently not in the Assembly of Kosovo because it does not want to give legitimacy to their decisions. He added that Serbian List will boycott the work of this institution until the Kosovo opposition has secured 51 signatures, which, as he explained, would be sufficient to dismiss the government of Ramush Haradinaj. Simic explained that the Serbian List currently has 10 MPs or 9 percent of the total number of votes, adding that this is insufficient for any change within the Kosovo parliament. Otherwise, according to the RTS, Simic also stated that the Serbs from Leposavic and Zubin Potok municipalities in northern Kosovo, noticed an intensified presence of the Kosovo police near the administrative line with Serbia. According to him, the goal of this police action, which he said is called the “Steel Ring”, is the blockade of road routes (especially alternative routes leading to Kosovo from Serbia) and the control of vehicles to search for suspected Serbs against whom charges have been brought against. However, to the question of Serbian journalists, is it true that Pristina activated police forces to block alternative routes from central Serbia and what is the reason for this, Kosovo Police Service spokesman, Baki Keljani replied that there was nothing concrete and extraordinary, but the police are working to prevent organized crime and smuggling and to take actions based on legal authority.

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