Kosnet: “There are still missing in Kosovo”

Photo: www.wikiwand

” On this anniversary we remember hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were expelled from their homes and thousands who suffered damage or disappeared. We remember and regret, because we consider every lost life for the tragedy”, US Ambassador at Kosovo Filip S. Kosnet said in his statement on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the NATO air campaign in Serbia. On this occasion, he appealed to the government to renew the efforts to achieve justice for war crimes victims, regardless of their nationality.

Kosnet recalled that it is devastating that even today, on both sides, in Serbia and Kosovo, there are people who still suffer because of the uncertain fate of their loved ones who are still missing. He added that the leadership of Serbia and Kosovo should ensure that family members of the missing finally receive information. He explained that the US 20 years ago supported NATO’s air campaign across Serbia to stop the ethnic cleansing campaign that was then conducted by the Milosevic regime in Kosovo. According to Kosnet, this was the last chance to reach a solution to the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, which escalated after the collapse of diplomatic negotiations.

“Only if the people of Serbia and Kosovo sincerely confront their past, they will build societies in which all communities will live together, with dignity, and in peace,” Kosnet said.

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