The new British ambassador to Serbia

Photo: UK in Serbia

Shian McLeod, the future ambassador of the United Kingdom in Serbia, has completed intensive preparations for the start of the service in Belgrade. In posts posted on Twitter it can be seen that this ambassador, who was born in 1962 and has been working in Foreign Office since 1986, ends the course of the Serbian language. She has also attended the press conference on freedom of the media that was held in London, to meet and discuss with Denis Kifa, former British ambassador to Belgrade, as well as representatives of the British Council and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy institutions with whom she will, as she said, co-operate when she begins to act as a new British ambassador in Serbia. Furthermore, she announced that the Government of the United Kingdom had officially appointed her as the new ambassador to Serbia. She added that she was proud and enthusiastic about this and that she was looking forward to continuing the work of her predecessor with whom she took picture these days in London. She ended tweet with a sentence in the Serbian language: “I look forward to this new professional challenge”. According to the news of some media, the new English ambassador to Serbia, who has so far served in the British embassies in Moscow, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, and was the head of the United Kingdom Mission at the OSCE headquarters in Vienna, had media appearances in which she was speaking harshly about Russia. Among other things, she announced on Twitter that everyone should remember that “Russia is an aggressor and Ukraine is a victim.”

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