Prime Minister of Kosovo got American visa

Photo: EPA-EFE, Valdrin Xhemaj

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj is on an official visit to Washington, the Kosovo-based RTK-LIVE television reported. Referring to its sources from the Kosovo government, the television announced that he will meet with top officials of the US administration to discuss the dialogue with Serbia, taxes on imports of goods from that country and the Kosovo Army. During the visit to America, Haradinaj will also have official talks with representatives of the Albanian Catholic community. What is more, Haradinaj’s official visit to America is possible by the fact that he has been granted a visa to travel to that country this time. RTK-LIVE TV reminded that the first man of the Kosovo government early this year also submitted an application for an American visa because he was invited to attend the Prayer Breakfast. However, his request was rejected without any official explanation of the US embassy. The Kosovo newspaper “Koha” issued a statement by Kosovo government spokeswoman Doneta Gashi who said that the Prime Minister’s office had not received any official response from the US embassy in connection with Haradinaj’s visa. There was speculation that this was the reaction of the US government to refusing Haradinaj to meet her request to abolish taxes on goods from Serbia, but those rumors have not been officially confirmed. Whatever it is, it is obvious that senior US administration officials in charge of the Balkans, following requests sent to the Prime Minister of Kosovo to abolish the fees imposed to Serbia, have changed the approach to the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia and that they are now running in a balanced manner without pressure on both sides.

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