Joint exercise of the SAJ, Cobras, Falcons and U.S. Navy Focus

Photo: MUP Republike Srbije

“This is the fifth year that I have honor and privilege to attend the final exercise, which is the crown of the work of the people who have participated in and exchanged experiences in the tactical, rapid and effective response to the serious terrorist danger. The key task of our police and military members is to protect the lives of Serbian citizens, but it is equally important to us that each of our members return home alive and healthy to their family and continue to serve their country and fight for its security. Serbia will therefore continue to invest in equipping them and organizing such trainings and exchanges of experience”, said Stefanovic on the occasion of the final exercise of the three-week training held at the SAJ base in Belgrade. He thanked the members of the Naval Forces, who were exceptional instructors, as well as SAJ, Kobra and Sokolov members who always completed successfully the task, for which Serbia is grateful. Stefanovic added that in order to keep up with the world, Serbia will continue to invest further in equipping special units of the army and police.

Deputy US Ambassador to Belgrade, Gabriel Escobar, said:

“These exercises are not only police and military, they are also diplomatic engagements, as they serve to bring our countries closer. Almost throughout the history of Serbian-American relations, our countries have been partners and friends and we want such partnership and friendship again. We hope that through such events we will be able to rebuild this traditional friendship and partnership and are ready to work and cooperate with the Serbia at any moment, either here or in the USA”, Eskobar emphasized.

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