The US president confirms: “Godfrey is a new ambassador to Serbia”

As the Atlantic Council announced last week, Anthony Godfrey will be the new ambassador of the United States to Serbia. It has also been officially confirmed when US President Donald Tramp signed a decree appointing Godfrey and a group of other US diplomats to serve as ambassadors. Anthony who speaks Serbian, Russian, Turkish and Croatian, has gained a 40-year work experience by performing many important functions such as the US Navy officer, another man in the US Embassy in Moscow, an employee in US embassies in Zagreb, Dublin and Minsk, a State Department official in charge of Iraq and the Middle East, a deputy of America in an anti-terrorist coalition to fight the Islamic state. According to some announcements, he should come to Belgrade during August, when former US ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott leaves.

The announced arrival of Godfrey has raised controversies about whether choice for the new US ambassador is a coincidence or confirmation of importance Serbia and the Western Balkans have. It is known that the US Embassy in Skopje, the capital of Northern Macedonia has no ambassador yet, but this function is carried out by deputy Mihail Svajer-Blum. From the point of view of American interests in the Western Balkans, Northern Macedonia has an important function because in that country the US influence strengthens after the decision of the NATO to get it as soon as a new member of the Western Military Alliance.

According to some announcements, Blum will be a little more in charge of the deputy ambassador to Skopje, because the new ambassador of America should come to this city and this person is said to be of President Trump’s great trust. According to some analysts, the circumstance that soon in Belgrade and Skopje, the new US ambassadors will begin to work, speaks in favor of the fact that the Western Balkans occupy a high place on the list the foreign policy priorities of the current US administration as a region in which Russian malignant influence is needed.

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