NATO Air Force had exercises in the US desert


On military training ground in the Nevada desert, Air Force of America, the United Kingdom and Australia complete these days a three-week exercise called the “Red Flag” which is being held annually since 1975. The training and skills of the participants of this exercise were again tested to the limit by taking off twice daily after extensive preparations in conditions that were reminiscent of those in real wars. The pace of the exercise was so strong that it also surprised the participants of earlier exercises. The Red Flag is one of the largest and most significant exercises in the British Air Force’s annual calendar.

“Participating in it helps us to integrate and align with our US and Australian Air Force partners as well as our counterparts from other NATO members. Thanks to this, if we happen to have to take part in real warfare in the future, this will not be our first joint action”, said Air Vice Marshal Jan Dugud, a high-ranking British Air Force officer.

The British army to which he belongs used the best and latest Typhoon, Lighting and Flying Tanker Voyager aircraft to train their pilots 5,000 miles en route from the UK to the Nevada desert. It is also interesting that the participants of the exercise not only practiced combat operations, but also the fight against electronic interference by a potential aggressor, as well as interference with NATO’s “GPS” devices, which would certainly be conducted by enemy aviation during any war. After the exercise, the British Air Force pilots stated that it was beneficial for them to fly over the vast US desert area, as well as to have realistic and difficult combat scenarios prepared by their US Air Force counterparts.

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