Vulin: “We are restoring what was destroyed”

Serbian Defense Minister, Aleksandar Vulin said that Serbian Army experts repaired, trained and returned to the function various types of weapons and tools that were disposed of as useless in the previous period. He stated this after firing from modernized anti-aircraft cannons “Pasars”, which was done these days on the military field “Pasuljanska livada”. He added that the improvements of the version of these weapons proved to be excellent, and that they would increase the combat readiness of our Land Forces, as well as the Air Force and the Air Defense. He also announced that by the end of this year, dozens of new different weapons, tools, and combat systems will be put into permanent use in the Army of Serbia. Vulin also praised the shooters from the new guns because they had achieved excellent results on the shooting. According to him, in addition to technical equipment, our army also has well-trained people, which is equally important.

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