“Youth Outreach” workshop

Atlantic Council of Serbia (ASS) under the auspices of the US Embassy in Belgrade and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, from October 29th till October 31st 2018. is organizing workshop by tittle “Youth Outreach” . This project is oriented on young people from the region, who are our future and future decision makers.
Participants of this workshop will be young members from Atlantic Councils of Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Monte Negro, Serbia and from Kosovo. The aim is to strengthen the ties between them and exchanging the thoughts about current security risks and threats in Western Balkan. Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, Chief of NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade, and representatives from the US Embassy in Serbia will address to all participants of the workshop.
The topics of the workshop will be: How to achieve stability on Western Balkan, what are the obstacles on the way, what are the wishes and ambitions of the youth and what is the situation in the region.


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