Zivulovic: There is no reason for bad relations between Serbia and US

Photo: www.tanjug.rs

Relations between Serbia and the US should not be viewed solely through events from 1990s, as the two countries have been allies throughout history during the most difficult times. This is conclusion which could be made at conference of the Atlantic Council of Serbia. President of the Atlantic Council of Serbia, Vladan Zivulovic told for Tanjug that the conference was “a extension of the improved relations between Serbia and the United States, which President Vucic announced.” The conference was opened by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and the US Ambassador to Belgrade Anthony Godfrey. At the event, historians and journalists spoke, who mentioned that cooperation between the two countries cannot be appreciated and evaluated in the last 20 years, when it was not great, but throughout the period, which is more than 100 years when relations were really good.

“The message of this conference should be that there is no reason not to continue great relations”,  Zivulovic emphasized. He said the role of the Atlantic Council in Serbia is to influence young people to study relations between Serbia and the United States.

“We need to know that the Americans helped us greatly in World War I and we should be grateful for that. They did not help us 20 years ago, but it’s also part of life, and life goes on. We need to understand that they are the leading economic and world power and that we need them as allies, “Zivulovic concluded.

Minister for Demography and Population Policy, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic said it is important for our economic and political interests to be on a similar side. She recalled that the United States and Serbia had fluctuations in relations between 1881 and the present day, but also very beautiful memories during cooperation periods.” It is important that the largest population in the Balkans and one of the world’s greatest powers not only have good relations, but also have incentives to make democracy, freedom and all those values ​​that have made us on the same page again in our environment”, she added. As she stated, this conference is an opportunity for historians to share their opinio on fluctuations in relationships and how important it is at the most historic moments to be on the same page. General and Admiral with Serbian ethnic origin in the US Armed Forces, Dusan Babac, pointed out that relations between Serbia and US are a very complex topic, and that the gathering shows how many different points can be illuminated. Serbian involvement in the US armed forces for the past hundred or more years was significant taking into consideration the fact that Serbs were the smallest ethnic community, or minority in America, and in proportion gave the largest number of significant heroes.  “We have seven heroes in America, one of which is double-honored in World War I,” Babac said, assessing the need to look at the relations of the two countries on positive side which could also make bilateral relations better.

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