The US Army intensifies its presence in Poland


After more than a year of intense negotiations between the governments of the US and Poland, the presidents of those countries, Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda, recently signed an agreement to intensify the US military presence in Poland. This decision will increase the current number of US troops and will open a new US base and training center that will use Polish and US troops. America also plans to build infrastructure facilities that will be used by armored brigade, an air combat unit and a combat support battalion. The US Armed Forces also intend to set up a permanent duty station in Poland for an intelligence and reconnaissance unit based on MQ-9 Reaper drones and their crews.

The decision to intensify US military presence in Poland was made after talks between top officials in Poland and America. Speaking about this, the US President said that the most important thing is that Poland will bear all the necessary costs and will at the same time meet an condition on which it is obliged as a NATO state. This will also impact the allocation of the state’s annual budget for the joint budget of that organization to 2 percent . Following the disclosure of US decision to strengthen military co-operation with the Poland, the question that arises is how Russia will react. The answer came quickly – Sputnik released a statement by a Russian official that said the country would respond to the US move with an increase of its troops and techniques at its western borders. So, it is likely that in the situation of a US attack on Russia, Poland will automatically become the target of Russian aggression and be targeted by Russian rackets.

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