Thanks of Atlantic Council of Serbia

The Atlantic Council of Serbia (ASS) thanks the editorial board of “Vecernje Novosti” on the misinformation they published about the “Club 100” and the conference that should be held on Fruska Gora. As “Vecernje Novosti” has so many times announced to us that the work and activities of the Atlantic Council of Serbia, because of the NATO orientation, will never be published, this time this misinformation has made the interest for ASS increase.

We receive daily questions about the conference from domestic and foreign media. We are proud that the state-owned Russian media are interested in this event.

This false news may help us that the US Embassy in Belgrade really decides to fund such a project. In the “Vecernje novosti” newsroom, we want in the future more fake news on the topic of our work, because this is obviously the only way to hear about us. Thanks again, hoping it will not just stand on this.

Atlantic Council of Serbia

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